December 03, 2019

Welcome to Season 8 of the only show that's good with the only prize that matters: sweet, sweet  VALIDATION! 18 contestants compete for a chance to bask in the glow of glory by surviving round after round of silly tasks, trivia, and chance. It's all hosted by J.W. Crump who functions as judge, jury, and funmaster!


Come see the crazy on Tuesday December 3rd at 9:00pm at The PIT.

Chad Is Not The Killer Premiere

October 28, 2019

When Chad wakes up one morning after a party to find the corpses of his friends, he finds he has no memory as to how they got there! Chad calls his best friend Andy to see if he can piece the night together to figure out what happened.


Find out if Chad Is Not The KIller on Monday October 28th at 7pm at The Pit! Tickets are $10.

Chad Is Not The Killer

September 07, 2019

A short comedy-horror film from Dapper Devil Productions! Written and directed by Nick Brigadier. Trailer out now!

Now Voice This!

July 20, 2019

Now Voice This: the competition for voice actors! Erica was a participant and made it to the semi-finals!

First Look at Love/Sick at The Women's Theater

October 22, 2018

Check out Broadwayworld's Photo Flash of Love/Sick , opening 10/26 at The Women's Theater!


October 26, 2018

Sometimes love is messy in this romantic comedy where a unique cast of characters battle for love with heart-warming optimism. A darker cousin to "Almost, Maine", John Cariani's "Love/Sick " is a collection of nine slightly twisted and completely hilarious short plays. 

Love/Sick is playing at The Women's Theater Company from 10/26-11/4


June 06, 2018

The story of Purim. How a young Queen saved her people. Performed in the Black Box theater at Theatre 315, with song and dance. Esther runs June 6th-9th.

Happy Halloween from Frankenstein The Musical

October 31, 2017

The cast and crew of Frankenstein The Musical celebrated Halloween at The Player's Theater!

First Look at Frankenstein The Musical at The Player's Theatre

October 06, 2017

Check out Broadwayworld's Photo Flash of Frankenstein The Musical at The Player's Theatre!

Frankenstein-The Musical!

October 29, 2017

Erica will be making her Off-Broadway debut in The Players Theatre production of Frankenstein-The Musical. She will be appearing as William/Agatha! Previews begin September 29th, with opening on October 7th!


May 05, 2017

Erica will be appearing in the whodunnit Curtains, as Niki Harris! Come see if you can figure out who the murderer is in this hilarious musical. It'll sure be a tough act to follow!


September 09, 2016

Come see Erica as Liz in Duende Theatre's production of Grey!

First Look at A.R.T. of WNY's House of Blue Leaves

March 15, 2016

Check out Broadwayworld's Photo Flash of A.R.T. of WNY's upcoming House of Blue Leaves by John Guare!

The House of Blue Leaves

March 10, 2016

Come see Erica's last production in Buffalo! Produced by A.R.T. of WNY, House of Blue Leaves is an absurdist comedy you don't want to miss!

First Look at Speed of Light at Road Less Traveled Theater

September 09, 2015

Check out Broadwayworld's Photo Flash of Speed of Light by Bella Poynton at The Road Less Traveled Theater!

First Look at The Crucible at A.R.T. of WNY

October 26, 2014

Check out Broadwayworlds's Photo Flash of The Crucible by Arthur Miller at A.R.T. of WNY!!

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