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  Erica Lorenzetti is a NYC-based actor and an avid knitter. But it wasn't always that way! She grew up in a small town in Western New York; which is 2 parts cow, 1 part snow, and a dash of Canada. While desperately searching for a form of entertainment, she found she enjoyed singing, dancing, and mimicking her favorite cartoons.

  Always one to make people laugh, it was no surprise when she indulged in theater. She attended The University at Albany where she joined an improv group, and was seen in various theatrical productions. After graduating, she bounced (and performed) around the state until she landed in NYC. She has worked on both stage and screen, while also making her way in voice over.


  Perhaps you saw her Off-Broadway playing a young boy! Or saw the back of her head on that TV show while doubling for a little boy. Or maybe you've heard her laugh and snort as....well, you get the picture. 

Truly a diverse talent, Erica has given life to many different characters over the years!

Actor • Singer • Voice Over Artist


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